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Kharece International Schools is a co-educational and day School of International Standard. It is primary conceived to train young Nigerians and citizens of other nations to attain their full potentials and develop high level of professionalism needed to be useful in their future careers and to make them productive and responsible members of the society.

At Kharece International Schools , your child would be given a complete and functional education that will make him/her assume leadership role with ease, be independent and be of pride to you and the nation. The infrastructure and educational facilities are excellent and designed to complement and provide effective teaching and learning opportunities for your child. Teachers and support staff have carefully selected from among the best in the country. The school is located at No 1 King Jesus Street, off Peace Drive Ozuboko, Abuloma Road , Port Harcourt . The environment is serene and conducive to learning.

We invite you to take advantage of a thoughtful and total education for your child.

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